Procurement management

Here at HH Recruitment we also offer a Procurement Management service to help with the management and completion of your projects.

Through our years of experience working across different industries we have been able to establish a number of contacts with vendors thus enabling us to have access to some of the best product sourcing and costs on the market

We understand the strict time restraints our clients have on reaching project deadlines or the quick turn arounds needed between products being delivered and shipped back out. Our Procurement Management service has proved invaluable for saving our clients time, money and resources when searching for the best vendors to fit their budgets.

Whether it’s a one off item or a recurring order our team can help you source the correct product for your needs. We cover everything from stationary to machinery and will manage the full process from initial enquiry right through to delivery to your work place making sure you get the best deal on the market without using up your time and resources and allowing you to concentrate on managing your project.

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